Tips for Sharpening Fishing Hooks

Posted on Aug 09, 2017

Tips for Sharpening Fishing Hooks

Smart fishermen always have their hooks in great condition. They do this by occasionally setting aside some time to inspect their gear and sharpen their hooks.

To make sure your hooks are ready for action, start by looking through your hooks and tossing out old or rusty ones. Then test the tip of your good hooks by lightly dragging the point across your thumbnail. It’s sharp if it digs into your nail. If it doesn’t, it should be sharpened.

Get a simple hook file. Hold it between your thumb and forefinger and push the file across the hook’s angled cutting edge. Don’t saw the file back and forth. Push the file away from you with each swipe. After three or four swipes, turn the hook over. Switch hands and file the other edge, still pushing the file away from you. Make a few swipes along the base of the point to remove any burrs.

After you’ve finished, test the hook again on your thumbnail. If it digs in, your hook is sharp and ready for fishing.