Announcing our Newest Dealer- Alaska Boat Brokers, Inc.

Posted on May 05, 2017

We are pleased to announce our newest Dealer- Alaska Boat Brokers, Inc.

Alaska Boat Brokers Inc. will be carrying Eastern Boats, Seaway Boats & Rosborough Boats.

Alaska Boat Brokers Inc. has been serving Alaska since 1998. Our brokers come from all types of boating backgrounds so we have the full spectrum of the industry to serve our customers individual needs.

Their brokers are on duty 7 DAYS A WEEK so you can find out what’s happening on weekends or after hours, not just 9 to 5. Their brokers all have home offices, direct email addresses and numbers so if you need to reach a specific person with a question, they are available.

Covering ALL OF ALASKA and parts of Washington, with Brokers from Kodiak to Ketchikan – Their mobility allows them to meet with customers at their convenience.

The Anacortes, WA Location will be carrying all 3 Brands
Phone-(360) 395-5716

Additional Locations-
Juneau, AK – (907) 209-6136 Port Townsend, WA – (360) 929-6297 Anchorage, AK – (907) 868-1635

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