Downeaster.  Lobster Boat.  Coastal Hardtop.

These terms carry special meaning to serious boaters.  For many of us, they bring up visions of authentic, hard-working vessels that are also graceful and seaworthy.  Their beauty is functional.  We feel comfortable entrusting ourselves and our families to them.  And whether we make our living or stake our recreation on them, we care—a lot—about how they perform in the real-world conditions of our home waters.  Oh, yes, and we care about how much they cost to buy, to operate, and to maintain.

If these considerations sound like yours, you’ve come to the right place: Seaway Boats of Milton, New Hampshire.  At Seaway, we build efficient, durable hard-chine hulls for anglers, families, and commercial fishermen.  Their classic, sweeping sheerlines already give them head-turning beauty, but we like to give them extra value by trimming out those lines with teak accents and cabinetwork.  Seaway’s roots may be in building workboats (see the link for Our History), but we know how to build a boat you’ll be proud to own, no matter how or where you use her.

Need open space?  An 18 Sportsman, a 21 Sportsman, or our award-winning 24 Sport Center Console might be just what you need.  The 21 and the 24 are available with T-tops, and all three offer optional weather protection like folding bow dodgers.  Look at the photo galleries for these models, and you’ll note that they run well with 70-150 horsepower outboards, much less power (and less fuel) than other center consoles of similar size. 

How about more weather protection?  Soft top or hard?  How large a cabin?  Now the range of choices gets longer.  The elegant 21, 24, and 27 Seafarers offer both soft and free-standing tops for an open, airy feel while providing the comfort of cabins with bunks, head accommodations, and, on the 24 and 27, options for a galley.  For a simpler layout in this class, look at the 21 Sport.

A classic hardtop combining weather protection, a cabin, and a big cockpit for cruising and fishing?  The 24 Coastal Hardtop and the 24 Offshore provide all three while running well with only a single 150-hp engine (actually, one of our 24s works well as a coastal charter boat with only a 115).  Add the optional teak/varnish package and a custom hull color to create a mini-“lobster yacht.”  On a budget but still need the space of a 24’ hull?  The 24 Hardtop Sport is your boat.

That’s our Seaway Boats lineup.  Explore this site to learn more about each model, including her Specifications, Standard Equipment, and Optional Equipment.  Watch the Video Galleries of each.  Look closely at how they perform, including how their graceful bows deflect spray from their occupants.  Examine the details in the Photo Galleries.  Then click on the Dealers link in the top banner to find a team near you who can put you aboard the model of your choice.  We believe that, more than anything else, a ride aboard a Seaway will help you decide.